Amanie Foster

Business Development Manager

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 Alumni of Purdue University Northwest located in Hammond, IN. During my college career I struggled to find a path that would be beneficial to not only my educational interests but also to find interests that nourished my being as an individual. I decided to major in General Communications with minors in both Advertising and Visual Communications.

 I chose this route because I love to communicate and articulate how I feel about various issues of our world! Eventually further into my college career, I developed a love for art that I could not wait to express on canvas. During my third year, I learned for to express myself through Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Also during this time, I was able to exercise my leadership skills as I moved up the ladder quickly at Lucky Brand Jeans.

 There I learned how to SELL, STRATEGIZE, AND LEAD. Soon I became a top seller in my store; quickly pushing me to a top performing manager. Within a year I had gained product knowledge about the retail industry and sales but I also grew personally.

 I founded a non-for-profit organization called Heavy Hearts Movement, which caters to communities who may or may not be underserved, but in need. Initiatives that my organization has taken part in is a street cleaning in Broadview, IL as well as a water drive in East Chicago, IN serving over 75 families to water.

 I have also participated in a docu-series called Another Life dedicated to people of Chicago who lose close loved ones to Chicago gun violence. There is so much that I have achieved in my lifetime so far. As a recent college graduate, I execute and explore options to help not only better myself but those around me. The current position I hold is at DataMine Web Solutions, Internet Marketing, and Branding as a business development manager. I hope to continue to grow and develop as much as I can during my time here and where ever else God leads.


Purdue University Northwest- Hammond, IN
  • Major: General Communications
  • Minor: Visual Communications and Advertising
  • Cumulative GPA 3.0

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Good Vibrations Entertainment

Good Vibrations Communications (herein after referred to as GV) is a limited licensed corporation. Created as a multifaceted brand specializing in a strategic marketing approach. Focused on creating and distributing consistent, valuable, and relevant content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Specialties of Good Vibrations consists of communal and artistic content to relay messages to consumers of brands and products that businesses offer. GV is created to be a consistent artistic maneuver of a brand’s creative direction and goals in attracting and keeping loyal consumers throughout the longevity of their business. Content created for businesses provide a clear pathway to articulate the means behind the offerings of that business in an artistic, creative manner. Through the services of Good Vibrations Communications, there is an obligation as a company to provide authenticity to the companies we service. People buy people. Once there is a connection to the brand because of the authentic nature it possess, there is large probability in growing a business’s consumer base. GV as a company and brand hopes to drive profitable consumer action towards the businesses we service. In doing so, we create your brand’s “IMAGE” through graphic design, content marketing, and event planning. Each business is given a specific strategy on how to brand their business and is provided with artistic direction on how to make their business excel in their business category.


  • Understand companies values and beliefs (Soul of the business)
  • Identify core consumers of brands and/or products (Target market)
  • Navigate attraction to companies core consumers (Artistic content marketing)
  • Connect to companies consumers through specialized brand (Event Planning)

The uniqueness of Good Vibrations Communications is the ability to bring awareness to the creativeness inside each entrepreneur and company. We plan to create an unrepeatable reputation of the company by giving the consumer the ability to: understand, identify, and connect to companies through art and content marketing. The overall goal of GV is to provide companies with a brand that is easily distinguished from others because authenticity is extremely rare in our business world.


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