Amanie Foster

Business Development Manager

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About Amanie

 Alumni of Purdue University Northwest located in Hammond, IN. During my college career I struggled to find a path that would be beneficial to not only my educational interests but also to find interests that nourished my being as an individual. I decided to major in General Communications with minors in both Advertising and Visual Communications.

 I chose this route because I love to communicate and articulate how I feel about various issues of our world! Eventually further into my college career, I developed a love for art that I could not wait to express on canvas. During my third year, I learned for to express myself through Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Also during this time, I was able to exercise my leadership skills as I moved up the ladder quickly at Lucky Brand Jeans.

 There I learned how to SELL, STRATEGIZE, AND LEAD. Soon I became a top seller in my store; quickly pushing me to a top performing manager. Within a year I had gained product knowledge about the retail industry and sales but I also grew personally.

 I founded a non-for-profit organization called Heavy Hearts Movement, which caters to communities who may or may not be underserved, but in need. Initiatives that my organization has taken part in is a street cleaning in Broadview, IL as well as a water drive in East Chicago, IN serving over 75 families to water.

 I have also participated in a docu-series called Another Life dedicated to people of Chicago who lose close loved ones to Chicago gun violence. There is so much that I have achieved in my lifetime so far. As a recent college graduate, I execute and explore options to help not only better myself but those around me. The current position I hold is at DataMine Web Solutions, Internet Marketing, and Branding as a business development manager. I hope to continue to grow and develop as much as I can during my time here and where ever else God leads.


Purdue University Northwest- Hammond, IN
  • Major: General Communications
  • Minor: Visual Communications and Advertising
  • Cumulative GPA 3.0

work experience

Good Vibrations Entertainment

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